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Journey Planner for mobile phones

What can you search for?

The mobile Rejseplanen (Journey Planner) contains the same information as, which is a Danish website with information and planning for all public transport in Denmark. You can enter names of stations, stops or addresses.

What information will you get?

Rejseplanen gives you information about planned travel times and most planned changes to those timetables.

What does it cost?

It costs nothing to use the service beyond the amount paid by your phone company charges for data usage. The price here is very different depending on the telco and subscription type. Some have a flat-rate data package included in their subscription, others pay per. MB. Contact your provider for details.

Search for a journey

You can enter names of stations, stops or addresses.

You can also enter when you want to travel and whether you want to depart or arrive at a specific time.

Show various journey proposals

From what you have entered, we suggest a number of different journeys to you. You can see when you have to leave, when you arrive, and the different means of transport you will travel with. Please click one of the suggestions to see details for this particular travel suggestion.

If you want to see earlier or late departures/arrivals, please click Earlier or Later. You can also see the price of your journey.

See a detailed description of your journey

In the detailed description you can see more details of which means of transport to go by from which stops and stations.

There is an indication of how far you need to walk to your stop. We are working to show a map of your journey and to show prices for the trip.

Show journey on map

We are currently working to be able to show your journey on card.

Contact Rejseplanen

Contact Rejseplanen

Please contact us if you have questions or comments at

Rejseplanen A/S
Vesterbrogade 149
1620 København V

All information displayed in Rejseplanen is a result of a careful collection of data. We strive to have the highest possible data quality. Rejseplanen A/S cannot be made responsible for mistakes and omissions, including price information.


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